What I Do

Investment Management

Proper planning and discipline are important in working toward financial independence and providing security for your heirs, but developing a sound strategy and selecting, monitoring, and managing your investments yourself can be an arduous task.

The “you” at 30 is not going to be the “you” at 50. Constructing a flexible investment strategy helps you prepare for life's twists and turns while enjoying all of the wonderful experiences life has to offer.

Financial Planning

A solid plan-of-action is essential for working toward your financial goals.  Financial challenges in the first half of your life can make it difficult to save for retirement.  I can create a personalized wealth management plan that balances your short-term needs with your most important future goals.

My personalized wealth management strategies guide people to being responsible stewards of their wealth, teaching how to make an impact both in the local and global community, regardless of what stage of life you are in.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are early in your career or actively contemplating retirement, a business owner, or an individual, it's never too late to put a plan of action into place in order to prepare for the second half of life when you might no longer receive a steady paycheck.

In addition, the second half of life gives you the freedom and time to follow your passion; I'll help you determine how to find your passion in order to pursue significance and fulfillment.

Philanthropic Planning

Many of my clients want to make a difference in our community and in our world.  I'll work with you to prioritize your causes and create a philanthropic plan that supports your goals with purpose and impact, regardless of what stage of life you are in.

Because there is a wide variety of ways to give philanthropically, I can help you determine which style of giving can bring you the most fulfillment in pursuing your desired outcomes.