Richard Ward, CFP®, First Vice President/Investments

Turn Your Success into Significance.

When thinking of your future, have you considered “What's next?”  for the Second Half of Life?

Have you wondered how you'll continue to evolve, grow, and thrive after business?

Would making significant contributions to benefit others provide the unique rewards key to living life to the fullest?

Through years of experience and my personal evolution, I understand how important it is to envision an ideal future filled with such rewards in order to plan for it.  After discovering this future direction, I'm committed to helping ensure that all aspects of your financial life are sound and dedicated to serving you, your family and the causes that you care about for as long as needed.

Through meaningful and in-depth conversations, I can assist with unveiling how your skills and resources can be used to live a Second Half of life with purpose, passion, and significance.

I invite you to learn about the stories of others who've found these rewards and are evolving from Success to Significance.  Let's talk about what this might look like for you.